Economy and Jobs

Jesse Jackson, Junior wants to make sure our people get back to work with good paying jobs. He has worked relentlessly to bring in millions of dollars to retain well-paying jobs here at hospitals, for first responders, and for teachers at local colleges. He has also fought for Metra stations, road improvements, and to redevelop the U.S. Steel site, because all of them mean better jobs and a stronger economy for our area.

Health care

Jackson Junior always looks ahead to do what is right for our area and our country. We have a critical shortage of nurses and some of our current nurses need more training, so Jackson Junior worked with officials to develop and fund a new nurse training program in Chicago Heights. Now because of Jesse Jackson’s efforts, hundreds of nurses are getting training, which means more jobs for our area and better care for our patients.


Jesse Jackson, Junior knows we must work to improve our schools so our children have every opportunity to succeed. Too many students drop out of high school, and Jackson fought for more funding for primary and secondary schools to keep them open and to hire better teachers, so students are encouraged to stay in school, graduate, and go on to college and skill training if they choose to.